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Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of the things that I have learned over the years is that I have let things from my past hold me back. I have hoped and prayed for the anguish of painful memories to just go away. However, that just is not how life works. When something hurtful happens to someone the memory will always be there. Pain from emotional trauma is like a scar on our skin, it can last for life. What I have learned throughout the years is that I just needed to deal with the pain and turn it into something positive.

Being able to find something positive in a memory of childhood abuse may not seem possible to some people. But in life everything has its opposite. Where there is up there is down. Where there is in there is out. Where there is black there is white. Therefore, where there is bad there is good. I will admit that finding something good in the pain of a child is difficult. This may not be possible until many years later. It is entirely up to the individual and the treatment that is sought out.

There is one thing that is a must in the healing process that I have found. In order for a person to move forward from emotional pain forgiveness is needed. Hate is a negative emotion. Hate only breeds rage and feelings of inadequacy. If a person cannot forgive someone then the victim is still under the power of the abuser. Emotional trauma may come from other sources than abuse. One example would be parents using a child to get what they want in divorce or custody proceedings. Even though this can do more damage to the child than it can either adult, the adults still need to forgive each other to fully move on.

In the last example I would actually question the mental stability of any parent that would place a child in the middle of a dispute between adults. Doing so can have lasting emotional scars upon the child. No matter what one parent feels towards the other speaking badly about each other to children only adds to an already difficult situation.

Without forgiveness hope diminishes. Without hope happiness is sacrificed. Is it truly worth jeopardizing happiness for a person who has harmed you? Forgiving others can be extremely difficult. However, forgiving ourselves may be even harder.

Keep an eye on the sky.

Collin Hughes

The Prozac Pilot

Friday, April 23, 2010

Prozac Pilot reads comments from people around the world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Writing the first chapter of the book.

I am almost finished with the first chapter of my book. It brought out some feelings and memories that I have not felt for a long time. However, in looking inside myself to write down these thoughts I did not feel the pain and darkness that I once would have. I am not sure I can described what I felt.

The healing process I have been through has strengthened me. I believe I am a better person for what I have been though. Being able to look at the negative events in my life and not allow those things to hold me back anyone longer certainly is a huge step forward.

I look forward to each day being a new adventure. I no longer want to sleep the day away. I get up and find things to do. I have been asked to submit an article to the National Alliance of Mental Illness or more commonly known as NAMI.

I am amazed at the attention I have been receiving from this. My name is all over the internet. I sent an email to Don Friesen who does a comedy routine that has been called Prozac Pilot. I think he may have thought I was upset at him when he responded. I wrote him back to let him know that I had taken no offense. I just hope that I have not offended him.

For so long I have kept my condition a secret. Now the many people throughout the world know I suffer from depression. I have been receiving a great deal of feedback. In future videos I will read some of the emails that have been sent to me. I will of course not reveal anyone's identity.

I hope I can go forward and reach out to people who need help.

Keep an eye on the sky!

Collin Hughes

The Prozac Pilot

Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is a blog I found that some guys are having some fun with this. Thank you for your comments guys. You look great. Buy the way if you are selling the bags, please send me the royalties.

Collin Hughes

The Prozac Pilot


Friday, April 16, 2010

Looking Forward For Tomorrow

The CNN crew has been here and gone. The story has aired an people know my name. I have been getting a variety of comments mostly positive with a few negative. I had one person post a comment on my blog telling me to stay out of the cockpit. However, this person posted it anonymously. I feel if I was able to show my face on national TV that anyone who wants to make negative comments should at least have the courtesy to reveal their identity.

There have been several comments posted on the CNN website below the artical. I have responded to some of them. For the person who called me a liberal I say it really does not matter, but for the record I am conservative. I have actually given presentations at TEA Party Rallies and was encouraged by some TEA Party Organizers to run for Congress.

There is a person on CNN's website with the user name saniflush. Yes that is actually me posting comments on I take no offense at you doubting the validity of my identity on However, that picture of my is one of my wife's favorites. It is the first picture she saw of me before we met and she claims it helped her fall in love with me. Come on, for my please tell me you like the picture.

I was contacted today by a representative of the show Inside Edition. Jeanmarie and I will be interviewed for Inside Edition tomorrow and it should be airing as early as Monday. I do not know where all this is heading. Things are moving fast with the attention from CNN. I just hope that what ever happens that I can reach out to people who feel they are alone and let them know there is hope in the world. Do not give up on the joys life can bring.

Keep an eye on the sky,

Collin Hughes

Prozac Pilot

Friday, April 9, 2010

Look for my book.

With all that has transpired over the last few days my wife and I have talked about what path to take from here. I never imagined my blog getting the attention it is about to receive after my story comes out on CNN. I want to be able to take this attention and reach out to others and let them know they are not alone.

We came up with the idea of writing a book. We even came up with a good title.

The Prozac Pilot

My Flight From Inner Darkness

I hope there will be enough attention ahead of time that I can actually attract a reputable publisher that will want to work with me on this.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to point me in the proper direction.

Keep an eye on the sky!

Prozac Pilot

Look for my book.

CNN Interview

I am now sitting in front of a camera with a CNN film crew. I am coming out of the hangar on national TV. My feelings at this time are mixed. I have hidden my illness from the world for so long. Now I am faced with what will happen after this news segment airs. I am hopeful. How that the FAA has lifted the restriction of antidepressants I can possibly return to flying.

The world will know of my disease when the CNN story airs. It was somewhat of a relief bearing my face to the camera knowing that a mass audience will see me soon. It gives me hope that I will no longer have to hide the shame I feel from depression.

I am guessing that anyone who has seen my introduction video when I started this blog may want to see the man behind the mask. However, at this time I will not reveal myself. I will wait for my face to be shown on CNN. I will then post another video of me being me.

I hope what I have done will give others some hope for the future. I hope that others will seek the treatment they need. I ask others who suffer from depression to hide yourselves no more. Come out from behind the mask of depression and go on with your lives. Do not let the darkness hold you down any longer. Stand up with courage in your hearts and beat back the demons of depression. You deserve to live a life filled with joy.

Keep an eye on the sky!

Prozac Pilot

Monday, April 5, 2010

FAA Will Allow Pilots on Antidepressants to Fly

I made a brief post regarding this news the other day. Since the announcement I have been getting emails and phone calls from friends and supporters worldwide. I actually first heard the news on Friday April 2 when a friend of mine called me from the Bahamas and told me he had seen it on the news there.

Thank you to everyone who have given me moral support. I have made some calls to the FAA regarding the procedure I will have to go through. It looks as if it is not going to be an easy process and could take some time. All applications that go to Oklahoma City will be redirected to Washington D.C. for review.

I was not sure what I would do with this blog if the FAA were to ever approve the use of antidepressants. However, since the announcement was made last week I have been contacted by CNN. I may be doing an interview with CNN later this week. If this happens this website may get a great deal of attention. I feel I can use this blog as a tool to reach out even more to people in my position. This site can still be useful to help other pilots in my position.

I shall continue to post on Prozac Pilot as I go through the process. I would like to use this as an outlet for others to tell their stories and encourage pilots to "come out."

I am sure that there will still be many people who will be uncertain of what to do. Due to the policy of having to be on the medication for one year prior to being approved by the FAA many people will be uncertain about being able to be laid off for that amount of time and if their jobs will still be there when they are ready to return to work.

This will not be an easy transition for anyone. But hopefully if the pilots, companies and the FAA will work together we can make it worthwhile for everyone.

Keep and eye on the sky!

Prozac Pilot

Friday, April 2, 2010

Returning to the sky!

The FAA has announced that it will allow a few antidepressants for the use of pilots. I need to find out more about what hoops people like me will have to jump through. I just hope this is done in a manner that pilots with depression will truly be able to take care of themselves and do the job that they love.

I am hopeful, but still somewhat skeptical about this announcement. It has been two years since I grounded myself. But I am excited about the possibility of returning to the sky. I am at a loss for words at this time. But I do have one question.

What am going to do with this blog?????????

Keep an eye on the sky!

Prozac Pilot